Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Fellow Patriots,
We are proud to have stood with you over the past year. The rallies and the protests have been very encouraging. However, these alone will not make the difference we all desire. We have to "engage the system." We need to win in November. Much depends on this single election. It will ultimately determine what type of country we will become. What we do now will determine what happens then.

Join the Freedom walk. Afterward enjoy free food, cocktails, refreshments, and fellowship with fellow patriots and candidates of like mind. Join up at:

We have indentified some local candidates that believe in our beliefs. U.S. Congress - Adam Kinzinger (11th district) State Senate - Cedra Crenshaw (43rd district) County Board (9th district) Bob Baldwin, Christine Merrimen, Peter Delaney.

Our country needs your help. We need your help. These candidates need your help. Will you help? "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men donothing..." Edmunde Burke. Please help us walk precincts to let others know about candidates that are willing to defend our beliefs.

Joliet - Crest Hill areas (Will County)

(9:30am) How to walk precincts instruction(10:00am) Pick up walk lists (4:00 pm) Return to Prairie Bluff for free refreshments, cocktails, food, fellowship and networking with fellow patriots and candidates.Please sign up. Invite a friend to sign up. Meet others of like mind. Make a difference. Please sign up at:

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